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How can I contact you?

What is the difference between Speaksee AutoCaption and the Speaksee Microphones?

Do third parties have access to what’s being said in my meetings?

Microphone Kit

What is the price of the Microphone Kit

Can I try out the Microphone Kit?

With what devices does it work?

How many microphones can be paired to the system?

How can I download the Speaksee app?

How is Speaksee different from other speech-to-text apps?

Does it work with background noise?

What is the meaning of the lights on the Speaksee Microphone Kit?

Do I need internet access when I'm outside?

How do I turn on the Microphone Kit?

How do I turn on the microphones?

How do I charge the Microphone Kit?

How do I charge the microphones?

How do I wear the microphones?

Where can I read the transcripts?

Can I save the transcirpts?


What is Speaksee AutoCaption?

How does the software work?

How do I install the software?

I did not receive the email to verify my account?

What languages are available?

Can I transcribe in multiple languages?

How much does AutoCaption cost?

Can I use the software on an Apple device with MacOS?

Is AutoCaption available as a mobile app for smartphone or tablets?

Is it possible to save the transcripts?

Can I connect AutoCaption to my own proxy?

How can I contact you for support?

How do I change my password?

I speak into my microphone, but I don't see any captions?

How do I resize the captions box?

How do I change the colours?

I don't have speaker identification for AutoCaption?

Can I use AutoCaption while receiving audio on my headphones/hearing aid?