Louie Kennedy

Louie Kennedy

Louie Kennedy is a member of the Sales and Marketing team here at SpeakSee.

What is your role at SpeakSee?

“I am responsible for managing the communications here at SpeakSee, if you have sent an email to our inbox then we have probably already met. In addition to handling the email correspondence, I am also responsible for SpeakSee’s social media accounts. I also assist with any queries that the user testers pose to us and try to find the most effective solutions.”


When did you first begin working for SpeakSee?

“I first joined SpeakSee as an intern in August 2019 after meeting Jari at a career day for my University. After listening to the stories which led to SpeakSee’s foundation and seeing the prototype in action for the first time, I knew immediately that this was something that I wanted to be involved in.”


What motivates you to make the world more accessible for those who are Deaf or hard of hearing?

“On a personal level I am motivated by my Grandmother who lives in New Zealand. We often rely on Skype or phone conversations for us to communicate but as her hearing has gradually gotten worse over the last few years this has become more and more difficult. I hope that one day my work with SpeakSee will allow us to continue to stay connected with each other, even over the long distance.

Since I started working for SpeakSee I have learnt a great deal about the struggles of those who are Deaf or hard of hearing, particularly in gaining employment and thriving in those careers. I draw a lot of inspiration from the people that I have had contact with during my time with the company and this really motivates me to do what I can to ensure that we produce a product that will help the Deaf and hard of hearing community around the world.”


What has been your favourite moment during your time at SpeakSee?

“There have been so many during my time here that it is difficult to choose one. Meeting my fellow colleagues here at SpeakSee has been important to me, we have a strong bond between us and that is reflected in our drive to get SpeakSee on to the market. I think undoubtedly though my favourite moments come in the situations where we can exhibit SpeakSee to people for the first time. The expressions of people when they see it working is something that can’t really be defined but it always gives me the motivation to ensure that we have a product on the market as soon as possible.”


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mei 07, 2020 • Gepost door Katharine Shelley Kirton

I too live in New Zealand Louie – your Grandmother is very lucky to have such a clever, concerned grandson! I have submitted a query through via the on-line form but just wanted to add another voice from New Zealand. Is Speaksee available here? I would be so excited to be able to use this technology! Good luck to you and the team, I hope Speaksee is a huge success for you all. The concept and the product are perfect – there is nothing else like this around and believe me I have looked – for years now! With my sincere best wishes, Shelley

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