inclusion in the workplace

Companies that have created an inclusive workplace are 4 times more likely to outperform their peers. At SpeakSee we aim to empower both employees and companies to excel.



SpeakSee allows your Deaf and hard-of-hearing employees to effectively participate in (ad-hoc) meetings, and lunch breaks. It identifies each speaker and accurately transcribes conversations to text in different colours per person. Hardware and software encryption ensures complete security and confidentiality.


SpeakSee allows for the transcripts to be copied onto a document which can be used as minutes from meetings. It can act as an automatic note taking device. This way the team member with hearing loss would never miss out on information.

phone calls

Many deaf and hard-of-hearing employees are unable to take calls. SpeakSee can be plugged in the phone system and the user can freely read what’s being said on their laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Interested to learn more? Please send us an email at hello@speak-see.com or reach out via the contact form.


I was surprised to see how quick and accurate the captions came out in real time.

– Amanda Zubricki - Hard of hearing

I was able to follow with the device so much more than I would normally in such conversations.

– Josephine Dickinson - Deaf Cochlear Implant User

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