Accurate subtitles.

The award-winning Speaksee device subtitles and translates what's said, even in groups.

We believe in using technology to change society for the better. 
We believe that technology can help transform disability to ability. 
Welcome to our mission to make conversations accessible for all.

Use cases

See what you cant'hear

in person-meetings

In-person MEETINGS

Speaksee (patented) is the first microphone system able to accurately transcribe group conversations.

Speaksee shows you in a different color per person what's being said so that you can easily see who says what.

Beam forming microphones ensure high accuracy also when there is background noise.

Speaksee Microphone Kit

speaker identification

Speaker Identification

Speaksee shows what's being said in different colors for each person, In less than a second. Each speaker can have their own name corresponding with the microphone they are wearing. This way the Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing person can distinguish who says what.

background noise

background noise

Speaksee microphones are equipped with an array of sensors which intelligently isolate and capture speech from the right speaker and reject noise from other sources. This results in better accuracy in noisy environments.

digital meetings

Digital meetings

Speaksee AutoCaption live captions what's being said in a digital meeting in real-time so that you can fully participate.

AutoCaption can also be used for online trainings, webinars, podcasts or online video's.

AutoCaption works seamlessly with all conferencing platforms, including Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet, WebEx and all others.

Speaksee AutoCaption

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