Speaksee AutoCaption

What is Speaksee AutoCaption?

Speaksee AutoCaption automatically live captions all of your digital meetings.


Software Independent




Speaksee AutoCaption works with all online (video-)conferencing platforms. 


AutoCaption Features:

Real-time captions

With the Speaksee technology, you are able to see the captions immediately.

Caption Overlay

Speaksee AutoCaption can be layered over any program, to provide captioning whenever you need it.


 We have software encryption because we care about the security and privacy of our users. 

AutoCaption Can Even Be Used For:



 Speaksee AutoCaption can also assist you with:


 Compatible With Devices Running Windows 7, 10, or 11

Currently Speaksee AutoCaption allows you to produce live captions during any conference call with colleagues, friends or relatives on any Windows OS device. MacOS is not yet supported.


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