Subtitles for every personal situation

For a deaf person, the world can still be a very frustrating, and often very lonely place. You can experience feelings of real isolation caused by the lack of support available, even in modern society. Social barriers are still commonplace and hidden disabilities are too often overlooked

Speaksee offers an entirely new solution that can really help in any situation that you might find yourself. 

Our Microphone Kit uses the latest in AI technology to create very fast, and extremely accurate, live captions. The system is entirely portable and even works with group conversations. 

Our accuracy is consistently above 95%, even with loud background noise. It is perfect to give you support in:

  • Family gatherings or at a restaurant;
  • In the pub or out for coffee;
  • When participating in group activities;
  • When seeing your doctor or meeting with the bank;
  • Answering the phone;
  • On a picnic, in the car or just out and about!

Be part of the conversation with Speaksee.

More inclusion for those who need

Live subtitles with world leading speed and accuracy, all accents welcome!

Entirely portable system making subtitles available everywhere!

Full note taking capability included so you can concentrate fully on the conversation.

Highly accurate even with loud background noise!

Different coloured captions for each person making it perfect for group conversations!

Works with all digital and online content

Demo video

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Any further questions? Feel free to contact us at hello@speaksee.com.