Making Churches Accessible for Deaf and non-native members

Communication is absolutely vital within any church community. Speaksee Subtitles can ensure that everyone is included in the conversation.

Provide incredible live captions for your audience either on a large screen or directly to their smart device.

Specifically trained for church vocabulary. In addition, you can provide a personalised 500-word dictionary to reach near perfect accuracy.

No installation required! Speaksee can be used on its own, or by simply connecting to your existing Audio-Visual system to provide accurate captions.

Speaksee can even provide captions to people attending the service online! The captions can be embedded in the video stream.

More inclusion for those in need

Live subtitles, available in any language, with world leading speed and accuracy. 

Translation in 40+ languages for non-native church visitors.

Plug and play: works universally with any AV system.

Receive a full transcript of every sermon for later reference.

Perfect captions even with loud background noise!

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