Accessible solutions for Education

Speaksee can support you in every step of your educational journey, providing fast, reliable, and accurate subtitles for every situation.

From classroom to lecture theatre, Speaksee uses the latest in AI technology to create incredible live captions to support Deaf and Hard of Hearing students in any language! 

The Speaksee Microphone Kit works as your own personal AI-Interpreter, full portability ensures Speaksee goes wherever you need it.

Over 95% accurate, even with strong accents and loud background noise.

Our note taking function means you can focus entirely on the conversation, safe in the knowledge that Speaksee is taking notes for later reference.

Already approved by government funding programmes (such as the Disabled Student’s Allowance – UK), Speaksee are recognised as the world leading captions provider in education.

More inclusion for those who need

Live subtitles, available in any language, with world leading speed and accuracy. 

Entirely portable system making subtitles available everywhere!

Full note taking capability included so you can concentrate fully on the conversation.

Perfect captions even with loud background noise!

Different coloured captions for each person making it perfect for group conversations!

Works with all digital and online learning content

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