Speaksee can make your Funeral Service completely accessible to all people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

While attending a funeral, we find ourselves at our most vulnerable. It is in these times that we most need comfort from our friends and family. Communication is such an important part of this connection. 

One out of every 6 people in the world are living with hearing loss. This ratio is much higher for people over 60. Providing good communication support allowing people to follow the service and eulogies can make all the difference.

Speaksee uses cutting edge AI technology to discretely capture spoken word and create elegant subtitles that can be accessed by someone on their own smart device or through existing presentation screens at the venue.

Subtitles can even be provided for those attending an online funeral service.

more inclusion for those in need

Speaksee can provide real time subtitles with incredible accuracy. Attendees can choose to discreetly access the captions on their own mobile phone, or they can be shown on a TV screen on display at the venue.

Our award-winning microphones can work with your existing AV system or independently to create beautiful subtitles for eulogies, poems, and readings during the service.

A link to the subtitles or QR-code can be made available in advance to incorporate subtitles seamlessly into the service

A copy of the transcripts can then be made available for people to reflect upon long after the service.

Attendees can also choose to have subtitles displayed in large fonts or different colours to support visual disabilities.

Any attendees who are not native speakers can simply choose to view AI-translated subtitles in their preferred language

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